Whitening Diamond Peel  (60 minutes)

with Signature Facial (90 minutes)                                                     

Our Whitening Diamond Peel equipment offers Crystal-Free
Microdermabrasion.  Unlike traditional  microdermabrasion,
Diamond Peel does not use loose crystals or other abrasives
that may cause irritation and skin reaction.  Instead, it uses
stainless steel diamond encrusted heads to gently exfoliate
the skin and vacuum the residue away.  Diamond Peel helps
stimulate production of new skin cells and collagen and
increases lymphatic system activity.  It effectively lightens
blemishes, age spots, sun spots, and scars and reduces the
appearance of fine lines.  After just one treatment, you will
begin to experience softer, smoother, and cleaner skin!

Special Offer for First Time Customers!

Full Set of Eyelashes $80 !!.